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The United States Watch Company was incorporated in July, 1884. Among the stockholders of the company was Charles V. Woerd of American Waltham Watch Company fame. Woerd designed a 16-size, three-quarter plate watch, having a dome in the center in order to accomodate the center wheel, as the mainspring barrel was so wide. The watch was stem wind. The movement was not to a standard measure and had to have a special case fitted. About three thousand of these movements were made. They were not popular. In November, 1887, Mr. Woerd left the company. At the same time a new model which was a 16-size, three-quarter plate, quick train, with lever escapement, and expansion balance was introduced and was found to be much more popular. The company ceased production in May, 1896 and then sold out in 1903 to the E. Howard Watch Company. Total production was about 890,000 watches.

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