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In 1866 the shareholders of the Tremont Watch Company moved the company to Melrose, Massachusetts, over the protests of Aaron L. Dennison, the founder of the company. The Tremont Watch Company imported its expansion balances and escapements from Switzerland. After the move, the new Melrose Watch Company manufactured all of its own parts. Dennison prophesied if the move was made the company would die. As a result of the move, Dennison withdrew from the company. The new style 18 size movement was engraved "Melrose Watch Company". In 1868 Dennison's prediction came true and the Melrose Watch Company ceased to exist. The machinery was sold to the "English Watch Company" of England. Some of the watches have Melrose on the dial and Tremont on the movement. Serial numbers for Melrose start at about 30,000, with a total production of about 3,000.

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