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American Waltham Howard Otay
Aurora Illinois Philadelphia
Ball Independent Pitkin
Cheshire Keystone J. P. Stevens
Columbus Lancaster Rockford
Cornell Manhattan South Bend
Dudley Manistee Seth Thomas
Elgin Melrose Tremont
Fredonia New England Trenton
Goddard N. Y. Springfield U.S. (Waltham)
Hamilton New York Standard U.S. (Marion)
Hampden Non-Magnetic Waterbury


The Adjustment of a watch is the manipulation of the balance, its spring and staff for the purpose of improving the time-keeping qualities of a watch. Three adjustments are usually employed for this purpose, viz: postions, isochronism and compensation.

An Arbor is the axle or spindle on which a wheel turns. The Balance staff is an Arbor.

The Bezel of the watch is the frame that holds the glass and covers the dial, or face of the watch.. A look at a Bezel.

The Crown of the watch is the winding knob. It is also the mechanism that is pushed to release the cover of a hunting case watch. A look at a Crown

A Fusee Movement is a chain driven movement. The fusee is a spiral grooved cone, used to equalize the power of the mainspring. It is mostly found in 19th century and older watches, although some, if not the most accurate, mechanical Chronometers ever made employed a fusee movement including the famous Model 21 Hamilton ship's chronometer made in the 1940's A look at the Fusee of a model 21

a Jewel is a Bearing. It is used to reduce the wear and decrease the friction of the moving parts of a watch. A look at a Jewel

Lever Set describes a watch that uses a lever to free the setting mechanism. The lever is under the bezel. After removing the bezel, and pulling the lever, the hands will swing free when the crown is turned. I have created a crude animation to show you how the lever moves. A look at a Lever

a Micometric Regulator regulates the speed plus or minus of the watch in very minute adjustments. It allows a watch maker to adjust a watch more precisely. It is found on almost all watches from the mid 1800's forward. A look at a Micrometric Regulator

A look at various Ball Regulators

Sizes.... What the heck is a 16 size?... A measurement of the movement.

American Pocket Watch Sizes

Swiss Pocket Watch Sizes

Age.... What is the age of my watch?....

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