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1877- 1930

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The predecessor of the Hampden Watch Company, the Mozart Watch Company, was formed by Don J. Mozart, in 1864, in Providence, Rhode Island. After many failures this company was reorganized and the name changed to the New York Watch Company and located in Springfield, Massachusetts in October, 1867. On April 20, 1870, the factory was destroyed by fire. After the factory was rebuilt and production resummed in January, 1877 the name was changed to the Hampden Watch Company. In 1886, it merged with the Dueber Watch Case Company and became the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company. John Dueber's Dueber Watch Case Company, of Newport, Kentucky, was selling cases to the Hampen Watch Company. John, on one of his business trips to Springfield, became so impressed with the Hampden Watch Company that he purchased a controlling interest. He tried enlarging the factory in Springfield but no solution could be found. He decided to combine the two factories and chose Canton, Ohio to build the new facility. By the spring of 1888, the building was completed and the watch factory at Springfield and the case factory at Newport were moved to Canton and merged into one. The watches produced in the Canton factory had the names Hampden Watch Company, the letters HWCO, John C. Dueber, Dueber. or the Dueber Watch Co., Canton, Ohio. In 1930 the watch factory, along with all tools and parts, was sold to Armen Hammer who moved it all to Russia, where it became known as the Amtorg Watch Co.



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