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After Mr. E. D. Howard and Mr. C. M. Howard, both of Fredonia, New York, decided to have the Independent Watch Company make its own movements, The Fredonia Watch Company was organized in April, 1880. The factory was housed in the same building as the Howard brother’s patent medicine business. They purchased the dials, balances and hairsprings and made the rest. The first new model was out in July, 1883. These were key wound, and later stem wound. The new model was not a success, because the change caused considerable expense. The Howard brothers, decided to rid themselves of the watch business so they had Mr. J. C. Adams, a salesman of the company visit Peoria, Illinois and present the city with a proposition to establish a factory in that city. The offer was accepted. Peoria agreed to furnish capital of $100,000 and donate five acres of land. The name of the company was changed to the Peoria Watch Company, and in 1885 the Howard brothers were off the hook.

A Large View of a Fredonia Culver Anti-Magnetic Special Marked adjusted 18 size movement

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