Cornell Pocket Watches/ The Cornell Watch Company

1870 - 1876

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Under the leadership of Paul Cornell, the Cornell Watch Company of Grand Crossings, Illinois, purchased the Newark Watch Company. in 1870. In 1874, the Cornell factory was moved to San Francisco to form the Cornell Watch Company of San Francisco. Cornell transferred 60 skilled workers from the Chicago plant. One of the main reasons for the move was to take advantage of the cheap Chinese labor available. The plan was scrapped after the skilled workers went on strike to protest the use of Chinese workers. The San Francisco watches were like the Grand Crossings model except that the pillar plate was solid. The watches made in Chicago were given names, but the watches produced in San Francisco were not. At the height of production , the company was producing 15 watches a day while employing 100 workers. By 1876 it was so deeply in debt the company was reorganized as the California Watch Company.

A closeup view of an 18 size 15 jewel Cornell John Evans Pocket Watch movement

A closeup view of an 18 size Cornell Pocket Watch dial

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