Cheshire Pocket Watches

1884 - 1893

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In October of 1883 George J. Capewell formed the Cheshire Watch Company. D. A. Buck, who designed the Waterbury Long-wind, was named as superintendent in the spring of 1884. The first watches were 18 size 3/4 plate gilt movements that were stem wind and stem set. The pendent was attached to the movement so the works could remain intact when it was removed from the case. Cheshire cased all of their movements at the factory. The majority of them in nickel cases. A selling agent in New york, L. W. Sweet, was the sole distributor for the watches. Cheshire experienced a ready market for the low grade watch they made. They retailed for about $5.00. At the height of production Cheshire was producing 200 watches a day. In 1890 the company went into receivership, and ceased all production in 1893 when the equipment and unfinished movements were sold to O. E. Bell. He shipped the machinery to Appleton, Wisconsin and formed the Remington Watch Company.

A Closeup view of a 20 Size 1st model Cheshire movement

A Closeup view of an 18 Size 2nd model Cheshire movement

A Closeup view of an 18 Size 3rd model Cheshire movement

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