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The Otay Watch Company was started in 1889 with the sole idea of selling watches to Mexico. Being located near the Mexican border in southern California, all they had to do was manufacture a watch and the virgin Mexican market would provide great wealth. They purchased watch making equipment from the American watch Tool Company, and the first Otay watches were produced in May of 1890. But, sales were slow of the low end, poorly made, 7 jewel models. Undeterred they created a 15 jewel model, and presented it to the President of Mexico, who heralded it as the "Official Railroad Watch of Mexico." Although a great marketing coup, Otay Watch Company sales could not overcome quality issues and all watchmaking operations of the Otay Watch Company ceased in November of 1890. Today because of the scarcity of Otay Watch Company timepieces, all of the movements have great collectable value.

A Closeup of an 18 size Otay Watch Company Dial with roman numerals.

A Closeup of an 18 size Otay Watch Company F. A. Kimball Movement Type 2.

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