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The Independent Watch Company of Fredonia, N.Y. was formed by two brothers, E. W. and C. M. Howard They sold patent medicines. In the 1870's, and a side business, they sold watches and jewelry by mail order. The first watches they sold were Swiss. They engraved their own name on them. They subsequently switched to American manufacturers The chief source of supply being Hampden, Illinois, United States Watch Company of Marion, New Jersey, and Cornell. This side business was so successful, they formed the Independent Watch Company. The company was not a watch factory, but they did have the company name engraved upon the top plate and inscribed on the dial of the watches they sold. They finally decided it would be more profitable to make their own watches so in 1880 they purchased the California Watch Company plant at Berkley, California. They operated as the Independent Watch Company and the Fredonia Watch Company for a short period of time.

A Large View of an Independent 15 jewel Keywind with a Silvered Balance Bridge 18 size movement

A Large View of an Independent Howard Brothers 18 size Dial

A Large View of an Independent Hampden 11 jewel Keywind 18 size movement

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